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(KHC) has $3 million available in MRB, Special Funding, for active or non-active duty veterans at a 2 percent interest rate, fixed for 30 years.

Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) has $3 million available in MRB, Special Funding, for active or non-active duty veterans at a 2 percent interest rate, fixed for 30 years. This special funding program is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

This program is targeted to:
  • Households whose gross annual income does not exceed $40,000.
  • An existing or new construction property (purchase price limit $130,000).
  • 620 minimum credit score.
  • FHA, VA, or RHS first mortgage options.
  • Households that include active / non-active duty veterans or other persons receiving VA benefits.

    Documentation may include but not limited to:
    • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
    • DD214 - Discharge from Active Duty
    • VA Award Letter
  • Must meet insuring agency guidelines.
  • Available statewide.
  • Both Regular and Affordable DAP are available.
As of Wednesday, September 20, 2017, KHC still has $184,500 available in Affordable Closing Costs Funds.

Only Homebuyers obtaining a KHC first mortgage are eligible for DAP. All DAPS take a lien
position & require input into LP/DU as subordinate financing. DAP funds can never be used to
pay for repairs. Once you have determined the loan type it’s time to see which of the following
KHC Down payment Assistance Programs (DAP) your borrower is eligible for. Follow the easy
steps below….

1. Check to see the applicant(s) income falls below the Affordable DAP Limits:
If yes then the borrower qualifies for the Affordable DAP up to $4,500. Affordable DAP
is amortized over 10 years at 1%. Borrower must qualify with second mortgage payment.
In addition, if the borrower is financing their first mortgage through a conventional loan,
the borrower qualifies for a $1,500 Affordable Closing Cost Grant. There is no lien or
monthly repayment since it is a grant. If borrower is not under the Affordable DAP
income limits, then proceed to Regular DAP.

2. Check to see if the applicant(s) income falls below the Secondary Market Limits.
If yes the borrower is eligible for Regular DAP up to $6,000. Regular DAP is amortized
over 10 years at 5.50%. Borrower must qualify with second mortgage payment

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Kentucky VA Home Loans Credit Scores Requirements Needed for Loan Approval Consideration in 2017

  • No down payment required for Kentucky VA Loans
  •  Kentucky VA Loan Limits for no money down is normally $417,000, however, VA does not have a maximum loan limit as long as the Veteran can come up with 25% of the VA guarantee if the Veteran goes beyond the $417,000 ceiling
  • There are closing costs on all home purchases and refinances, however, on purchases, VA allows the home seller to give the home buyer up to a 4.0% sellers concession towards the home buyer’s closing costs. If the home buyer is short on closing costs or if the home seller is not willing to give a sellers concession, the Veteran can get a lender’s credit to cover part or all of the closing costs
  • There is no monthly  mortgage insurance premium on Kentucky VA Loans
  • Here are VA Credit Requirements:
    • VA does not have a mandatory minimum credit score requirement
    • VA lets the lender to set the minimum credit score requirement. Most lenders will want a 620 credit score nowadays. 
    • VA does not have a maximum debt to income ratio requirement. If you loan pre-approval shows a refer eligible, the max debt to income ratios are usually limited to 41% for the new house payment and your current bills on the credit report of your gross income. For example, lets say you make $3000 a month, and you have $400 in monthly bills on the credit report. Then your max house payment would be $830.00
    • 2 year waiting period to qualify for a VA mortgage loan after a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, short sale, and recorded dates of foreclosure and/or deed in lieu of foreclosure
    • If you have deferred student loans that are deferred for at least 12 or more months, it will be exempt from from debt to income ratio calculations

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