Thursday, September 29, 2016

Department of Veteran’s Affairs for speeding up the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) process!

A Word from the VA... Read below for suggestions from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs for speeding up the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) process!

TIP #1: If you don’t have an urgent need (like an impending closing date), or a potentially deal-breaking question or concern, please give the VA a few business days to process your COE request before checking on status.

• Currently, the majority of the incoming calls to the VA relate to Certificate of Eligibility (COE) processing – particularly requests
for status updates. While the VA’s COE staff is there to help answer your questions about COEs, it is important to note that
the staff is currently processing COE requests in about 4 business days (on average). Despite system enhancements that
allows the VA to provide you instant COEs in over two-thirds of cases, record-setting loan volume means that the COE staff is
working as hard as ever to process the remainder as quickly as possible.

TIP #2: Please be sure the “T’s” are crossed and the “I’s” are dotted prior to submission of a COE request. Providing a complete and accurate submission increases the probability that the VA can process your request instantaneously.

• The VA sometimes finds that COE requests are missing critical pieces of information or that the submitter has forgotten to provide a required form (such as a National Guard member’s NGB-22 or a Reservist’s Points Statement). It may also be helpful to proof the forms you’re uploading to ensure they’re legible and complete. The VA finds that oftentimes submissions cannot be processed immediately online, only because a key data field or required piece of evidence is illegible, or missing.

• Some commonly required (but often omitted) forms are:
• For Veteran borrowers, the DD214 copy that includes the Character of Service
• For Reservist borrowers, the Point Statements document which proves 6 Creditable Years and Character of Service
• For National Guard borrowers, the Form NGB 22
• For Active-Duty Servicemember borrowers, the Statement of Service from a commanding officer

TIP #3: Please help the VA help you with your ‘special requests’ regarding COEs.

• If your borrower has a special circumstance that requires you to submit a request for more than just a standard COE issuance, it is helpful to provide details about that special circumstance in the “Notes” field of the COE submission page. The VA staff can process your full request in an accurate and timely fashion if all the details are easily discernable.
• For example, if your borrower is submitting evidence of a name change along with their request for a COE, and you note both requests in the submission, the VA staff can easily and quickly discern that two actions are required of them and quickly process your request. If that same submission did not note the requested name change, the staff may attempt to process only the COE request and initially reject it, due to non-matching information in their system. The “Notes” field can be found in the
left-side vertical toolbar on the submission page.

TIP #4: Please be sure your COE request makes it to the Internet in complete form.

• You may be used to other online web forms that allow you to hit “Enter” on your keyboard to navigate through sections of the form or complete a transaction. However, the VA online COE tool is a bit different. Hitting “Enter” to navigate through the page can result in your incomplete form being submitted to the VA. If you hit “Enter” multiple times, the VA can get multiple
incomplete requests for the same COE. Please also note that after you complete the form/process, you should click the “Submit” button in order for the request to be transmitted to the VA processing system. The “Submit” button can be found at the bottom center of the COE submission page.

TIP #5: If you’re stuck or have a general question, you may find the answers you need in the VA web tutorials and guides.

• Helpful information can be found at: The Lender’s Tutorial “How to Order a Certificate of Eligibility on the VA Portal”.

TIP #6: If you have issues with the web form or are experiencing other technological issues, the BEST way to report a problem or get help with a problem, is to email the system Help Desk at rather than call the COE toll-free line.

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